Getting Senior Portraits, Family Portraits or Child Portraits created can be a super stressful production.  To take some of the pressure off of your family, here is an overview of the entire Portrait Session.  5 easy steps and some great tips to help you prepare!

1.  Prep-

It is time to start preparation for your Portrait Experience.  You should set up Consultation and Portrait appointments, with your Photographer.  You should meet to talk about your budget for the session.  It is helpful to put together a list of questions, to ask your Photographer, at the Consultation.  It’s important to consider things like getting haircuts or having your nails done.  Some people even love to go tanning or get a spray tan.  Be sure and discuss these preparations, as some Photographers will encourage you to shy away from tanning.  You may also want to get any clothes shopping that you need to do out of the way.

One huge thing to think about…  Where will you hang your Wall Portraits?  Over your fireplace?  On a large open wall, in your family room?

2.  Consultation

This will take place at the Photographer’s studio or in your home.  Most consultations take from 20-45 minutes.  Your Photographer should let you touch and feel the entire array of his printed products.  Ask about Canvases, Acrylics, Wood Prints, Video/Slideshows, Photo Prints (with different paper types) and especially albums.  Ask your Photographer about any worries or doubts you have about your big day.  Ask him about clothing options, posing ideas and any props that you may bring to the session.  There will definitely be some great bonding going on, with your Photographer, during the Consultation.

3.  Portrait Experience

The big day is here.  Have all of your clothes layed out, at least a day before the shoot.  Some people even pack the car with some of the things they are going to bring.  Be sure that you have gas in your car and that your family is well-fed and hydrated on the session day.  Try to be ready an hour early as this will ease the stress of the day.  Have your directions put into your phone or GPS system early.  Remember that your Portrait Experience day is a celebration of your Senior, Kids or Family!  Relax and have a blast!  The pressure is not on YOU!  It is on your Photographer- who is paid to handle these days.  Plan to have a nice dinner out, at the completion of the photo session.  You are making memories.  A photo session not only captures a moment/season in the life of your family, the day itself becomes an unforgettable memory!

Senior Portraits Franklin JB Brookman Photography

4.  Reveal Night

This night should be a Party!!!  Is there anything more exciting than seeing your finished images?  Invite some close family.  Get into some comfy clothes (by now, you are super close friends with your Photographer- he won’t care how you look!).  Have your credit card ready.  Be ready to celebrate and choose some fabulous images and stunning printed products!  Your Photographer will have multiple Packages to choose from that fit your needs.  One tip is to be sure and purchase an Album.  Albums allow you to group together a ton of images and keep them together in a book.  That Album will become a family heirloom, that you can pass down to your children, someday.  Don’t forget about ordering gifts for extended family and friends.  Maybe even plan now for Christmas gifts!

JB Brookman Photography Framed Acrylics

5.  Product Delivery-

Depending on what kind of products you order, within about 2 weeks you should have your finished printed products delivered.  This is a super exciting day as it is the moment you get to put art on the walls of your home!  One great tip is to make sure you have purchased wall hangers and prepped the places where you will keep your art.  Where will you store your album?  It is also a great occasion to bust out your cans of paint and do some touch ups, throughout your home.  One tip that will help is to think about lighting.  Do you need to purchase some new lighting to help feature your new Wall Portrait?

Congratulations!  You have now created family memories and created keepsakes that will last generations.  You have beautified the walls of your home, with those who you love the most!  Just imagine… the next visitors you have at your home are going to be stopped in their tracks, by the Portraits on your walls!


I am always here to help.  Feel free to shoot me an email, if this article brings up any questions!  -JB



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