“I believe that every Senior should have- in addition to their Cap and Gown photos- a Senior Portrait Experience that is as big and exciting as Prom, Homecoming or Graduation. That is what my Studio and team work tirelessly to provide for Seniors and their Families.” JB Brookman- Brentwood Senior Picture Photographer

Spring Hill Senior Pictures girl with pink flowers and great smile

It’s almost September and Senior Picture season is in full-swing…  So, one of the things I’d like to help y’all with is choosing Locations.

There’s a certain vibe and feeling that you and I can create as we plan the adventure of your Senior Pics!  This is a once-in-a-lifetime event and I dedicate a LOT of my time- scouting out and exploring new locations for us to shoot at!  Do you want a soft, nature flow with flowers, grass and fields?  Do you want an urban city vibe with brick, metal, glass and concrete?  Have you ever thought that there are even subcategories of these types of feels?  Like the fact that there is a certain look that a city with one story buildings gives off and a completely separate vibe from a city with tall buildings.  I literally have at least 40 locations that I have scouted out for you to create your own adventure in!

Nashville Senior Photographer- girl on top of a parking structure in rock and roll outfit

Do you want to shoot in a place where there are a lot of people or do you want a more secluded place?  Do you have an idea for a special location that revolves around your Sport, Hobby or Interest?  I can help you get the hook up for it!

We also choose locations that help bring out the colors in your outfits!  We can change lipstick colors and even add hats/flower crowns and accessories to bring out the hues in the environment.  This is the advantage of having our amazing Hair and Makeup Artist, Brenlynn on set with us!

I insist that every Senior comes in with their Mom for an in-person Consultation.  This is where we go over and plan for our locations.  There’s nothing better than having a solid idea of where we want to go on YOUR big day and then letting the adventure of what might happen in those locations transpire!  Whether we shoot in Franklin, Nashville, Brentwood or Spring Hill/Thompson’s Station- I will be able to guide you through exactly the looks you can expect!

Locations.  Another example of the advantages of doing your Senior Pics in a Seniors-only Studio!  Give me a call and I will get you started!

(310) 502-9877.


Franklin Senior Photographer- blonde girl at the Williamson County Fair in a black dress


Downtown Franklin Senior Pictures- girl jumping in tshirt and hat- JB Seniors

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