This week on the blog, I am going to highlight some of the gorgeous, pristine Senior Portrait Artwork that we provide as home decor for our Senior Families!

I have spent almost a decade, researching products that highlight our Nashville Senior Photography and add spectacular highlights to homes for decades to come.

The Acrylic BlockĀ is a super huge favorite with the High School Seniors and their Moms these days. I think it is because it is such a unique product and shows off their images so powerfully.

JB Brookman Photography Printed Products

There is a magical way the light shines through the back of the product and really enhances and pops the colors and shadows in your images I specially like to print images that have very rich and vibrant colors in them. There is also a wait that the acrylic block has which really seems to surprise people the first time they pick it up what that tells me is that when you feature this product in your home people are going to take notice of it and pick it up themselves

it will end up being such an amazing conversation starter and one of the many centerpieces of your home you can also easily be wrapped up and taken to college and featured in your seniors dorm next year! Many people that see the acrylic block for the first time ask me if it is made out of glass I’m sure that has to do with the thickness of the product and also the extreme clarity of the acrylic itself.

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