Cuba Gooding Jr. Blackberry Bold Beverly Hills © JB Brookman

Cuba Gooding Jr. At The Blackberry Bold Event In Beverly Hills. Photo: JB Brookman

This is a Red Carpet shoot we did in Beverly Hills, CA at the Blackberry Bold event.  This was the arrival of Academy Award winner Cuba Gooding Jr.  You know I’m gonna’ say it and I won’t dissapoint, so- SHOW ME THE MONEY!!!  On a serious note, Cuba is one of the most entertaining actors of our generation.  Of course, we love him as Rod Tidwell in the Cameron Crowe/Tom Cruise classic Jerry McGuire.  But, I will take him opposite Robert DiNiro in Men Of Honor.  Now THAT is one powerful flick!:)    © 2008 JB Brookman Photography


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“My name is JB Brookman. I’m a rock star concert photographer who grew up shooting the biggest stars in the world. The stages and venues of Hollywood and LA used to be my home, but now I have made a home in the suburbs of Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee. Shooting Taylor Swift, U2, Elton John and Ed Sheeran is great, but my true passion is creating highly stylized, authentic and modern portraits of High School Seniors, making them feel like they are at the center of the stage.”