Dear Senior Mom (or Dad):

It’s Senior Year and you want time to slow down!  You can’t believe your son or daughter is already a Senior.  There seems to be a million things to do, but you want to stop and savor every perfect moment- before they are gone forever.  You want to never forget.

I understand.  I’m here to help.

The Portraits we create of your child will make this year last forever.

The Experience you share with me- and more importantly with your child- will be one that you never forget.

These are my promises to you:

I AM LOCAL:  My family and I have dreamed of living in Tennessee for years and finally realized our dreams in 2014.  You will probably meet my wife Jen and my 3-year old daughter Crosbie Joy.  Our home Studio is in Williamson County and we are here to stay!  I believe that having a home studio is much more intimate and relationship-building than a cold brick and mortar studio.  The Brentwood Home Page featured me in an article this year.  This year, I established a Senior Model Team who are spokesmodels for our Studio.  I have 17 Seniors on our team, from local schools such as Ravenwood, Brentwood, Battle Ground, Indy, Summit and Franklin!

I AM FAMILY ORIENTED:  Our Senior Portrait Celebration is family-oriented.  Moms (and Dad’s if you wish!) are included in every part of the experience!  From the Consultation to enjoying (and sometimes even assisting!) the Session Day- YOU will never forget this time!  Feel free to take cell phone photos during the shoot, help make planning suggestions at the Consult and even hold a light or a reflector.

I AM TRUSTWORTHY:  As a male photographer, I will never be alone with female Seniors.  There will always be either a Mom present or a Mom and a Hair & Makeup Artist.  Your Senior’s comfort and safety are of utmost concern to me!  I have over 25 years of ministry and coaching experience, so I know how to communicate with this age group.

I OFFER GORGEOUS WALL PORTRAITS AND ALBUMS:  My product Collections were designed with you in mind!  Ask me about our Premiere Custom Senior Albums.  You will  spend hours thumbing through them, during the months after your child goes away to college.  My Studio has spent a decade, perfecting the art of printing and you can be assured that our Wall Portraits and printed products are elite and top of the line.  You will someday pass them down to your child when they have a family of their own.

I TEACH SENIORS HOW TO POSE AND RELAX:  I have mastered posing High School aged Girls and Guys in a relationship-based, fun and age appropriate way.  I studied under a Photography Hall of Fame photographer/Lifetime Achievement Award winner and I am super detailed about making your child look and feel their best.  I will educate them as I walk them through their big day!  I will constantly encourage them along the way.  The Senior will grow in confidence and will take the tips and concepts learned, into their college and adult years.  There’s a reason we call it the Uplifting Senior Portrait Experience.

We are all fearfully and wonderfully made,



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“When I look back on my Senior photos, I want to see my prime, where I can remember every moment of those days. JB Brookman Photography captures those moments, and in every way that describes who you are. It was an honor to work with a professional, delightful friend.”

Tracie- Thompson's Station, TN

“I wanted to personally reach out and THANK YOU for taking these amazing photos of Madelyn! She, and everyone we know — LOVE them!  Your professionalism and talent shine through in your work.  You were an absolute pleasure to work with, JB!”
Laura, Maddy's Mom

“JB- professional, caring, wonderful senior experience for both mother and daughter. I constantly get told “Who did Tatum’s pics those are amazing!” Highly recommended by our family!!!!  Love love loved all our pics!!!

Laura, Maddy's Mom