I’m not sure I can even put in words, the importance of what you wear for your Senior Pictures!

If the phrase “what to wear” or “what will your outfits look like?” strike fear in your heart in the slightest, read on!:)

Have NO FEAR!!!  I am here to help!:)

NOTE:  Read all the way to the bottom for details about how to get styled by Blush Boutiques!!!

Franklin Senior Pictures- Senior Model Team on Downtown Franklin staircase in Blush Boutiques outfits

First of all, the advantage of working with my Seniors-only Studio is the fact that I have 24 hours a day to devote to High School-aged fashion and how it makes you look in photographs!  So, relax and enjoy the ride- because my team and I have got you covered!

I have a decade of experience in the entertainment and music industry and fortunately I am able to share with you my expertise in what will look good in each type of Location.  I have had the honor of shooting so many bands and solo artists and have seen the way they moved/looked in certain clothing.  I can walk you through what to wear in an urban city location and what to change into for a softer flowery field.  I can recommend accessories like hats (from floppy boho inspired hats to tighter fitting classy ones!), sunglasses and jewelry (rose gold shades and jewelry are everything right now!).

We have the giant privilege of having our amazing Hair and Makeup Artist, Brenlynn on set with us on most of our shoots!  She can change lipstick colors to go with the color changes in your clothes!

Shoes.  Are.  Huge.  Let’s definitely talk shoes as they sculpt the entire lower half of your body!  Heels are almost essential for girls… although flats can definitely also look amazing, in the right posing!  There’s also nothing as cool as some weathered leather boots (a personal favorite).  With guys, I can also help you figure out what kicks to bring- although I will say this- clean is IN!  So, buying a new pair or cleaning up some of your older ones looks amazing in your Senior Pics!

EXCLUSIVE OPPORTUNITY TO GET STYLED BY BLUSH BOUTIQUES COOL SPRINGS!  We have a relationship with Blush, where you can go to their store (BY APPOINTMENT ONLY- ASK JB!) and get styled by their amazing staff for your shoot!  You can also get 20% off the purchase of their clothes.  They have the latest in styles and they cycle through their outfits quickly, so you will always be wearing what is on the cutting edge!  They have sick shoes and also the latest in jewelry trends!  Ask JB how to be part of this special privilege!

Chase Your Dreams!


Blush Boutique stylized Senior Portrait session in Franklin TN by JB Seniors

Franklin Senior Photographer- girl in gold dress by Blush Boutique on elegant couch at Ecco Salon Downtown Franklin

Franklin Senior Pictures- girl in long white dress near river by Blush Boutique #JBSeniors


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