We JUST opened FOUR new shooting dates in June for Class of 2020 Nashville-area Senior Pictures!

We hold open our June dates for our 2020 Seniority Squad Model Team and now that they are all booked/scheduled, we have opened them to the public.

Why shoot in June (or early July)?  Weather.  Low temperatures and low humidity.  Our shoots so far in June have been super comfy and fun!  We don’t have to worry about sweat.  We don’t have to worry about keeping the volume and body in hair for girls.  We are able to be more carefree and move around a lot more.

Best Senior Pictures Franklin of a girl in jean shorts and a sleveless colorful top in a nature setting in high grass on a farm

A few more advantages of Spring Senior Pictures in the Franklin/Nashville/Columbia areas is that everything is freshly green and we have certain areas that have flowers…  there’s just something about the colors of the foliage and grass and trees that looks different, earlier in the year.

After talking to hundreds of families over the year, it’s always a good thing to be able to separate the timing of Senior Pictures from Christmas, college visits, testing, etc.  We find that the “speed” of Senior Year really accelerates once school starts.  We can help you put together your dream Senior Picture experience, in the style that you want it, in a super relaxed and celebratory atmosphere.  As the only Seniors-only studio in the area, it’s what we do!  615.454.8637

Best Senior Pictures Franklin of a girl with blue eyes and braids with a guitar or ukulele

Our studio is based on family and encouragement/positivity.  We provide you a powerful mix of super creative Senior Portraits that brings out your unique talent/sport/hobby and the closeup smiles that Mom and Dad will love and cry over.  We are told over and over that- “you really nailed exactly who my son/daughter is.  We do that by creating a super relational type of shoot, where we talk and laugh and have adventures on location as we move from spot to spot.

We have dates open, starting this week!  You can come in for an in-person Consultation at our Studio and we can architect your perfect Nashville Senior Portrait session.

Spring Hill Senior Pictures of a guy in a flannel shirt and ripped jeans in an urban city setting


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