Modern Sports Photography for HS Seniors By SENIORITY SENIOR PICTURES, Nashville

You never want to forget Senior Year.  Some say it’s the best time of their lives.  For high school athletes, the stakes are even higher.  Some Seniors will be hanging up that uniform for the last time ever.  Some will be changing colors as they move off to college.  Either way, you want to make time stand still.  Legacy SPORTRAITS help you stop time and tell your High School story.

Legacy SPORTRAITS are one-of-a-kind sports photos, created indoor in our Studio.  We can also create them in your gym or stadium or on your field.  We create a surreal, atmospheric modern magazine type look for any Class of 2018 athlete.  You get to combine them with your Senior Portraits to create the complete picture of Senior Year.

 Sportraits fit perfectly with the rest of your Senior Portraits, into your Senior Album or Senior Slideshow.  You can put them on a Wall Portrait or even in your Grad Announcements in the Spring.
Legacy Sportraits are available for guys and girls and are available for: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Volleyball, Softball, Wrestling, etc.  We can even do them for Band or Music or any hobby that you may have.
 Franklin Senior Portraits Independence volleyball player in uniform playing in gym
I’m (JB) a former college baseball player and I relate to athletes very well.  I’m an expert in sports posing and I understand what motivates Seniors who play sports.  I can either walk you through the poses that I put together or we can collaborate on something epic!  Let’s talk!
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Franklin Senior Portraits football player with Superman jersey and football in stadium


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