One of the passions we have, here at JB Seniors (JB Brookman Photography) is creating a hassle-free and relaxed experience for Senior guys.  We understand that a lot of High School Senior boys find the process of having pictures done quite challenging:)  We also understand that the pictures and the experience are super important and emotional to Moms (and Dads!).

So, we take extra care to relate with the guys…  From super relaxed and “chilled out” posing to providing super cool locations- out of the way of the crowds of people that might make them feel uncomfortable.

“As a male photographer, I understand that guys are not always super excited about having their portraits taken.  I find ways to connect with them and talk to them about the things they are interested in.  I will make them laugh and get to know them.  Once we establish a relationship and trust, the simple posing that I put them through will create fantastic pictures- bringing out their authentic smiles and expressions.” -JB Brookman

We also understand that the Senior Portrait Experience is about the Moms.  We provide products that Moms can keep forever to memorialize this special time in their lives.  This is the end of a season and we want to slow down time- to capture every perfect moment.  Our Senior sessions are structured around having a “portrait adventure”- on the streets and iconic places around Franklin, Nashville and all over Middle Tennessee.  Your session will be 100% unique and our locations create an atmosphere where anything can happen.  Your Senior Portraits should be an experience as powerful as Prom or Graduation!  Memories, made here!

“My Senior Moms regularly spend large amounts of time and money on Prom- renting tuxes and limos… and they don’t even get to attend the event!  So, our Senior Portrait Celebration provides the Moms (and Dads) with powerful lifetime memories and also with cherished finished photo products that they can keep forever and pass down to future generations!  I watch the Mom’s eyes get wide and fill up with tears, when they open their son’s Custom Senior Album.”  -JB Brookman

Senior Pictures Baseball Photography for guys

Nashville Senior Portraits guy in hunting uniform with gun

Downtown Franklin Senior Portraits Class of 2017 guy near brick wall urban style

Nashville Senior Portraits guy on metal steps with brick wall city style

Brentwood Senior Pictures guy in letterman jacket on metal wall

Senior guy in Franklin TN with metal structure

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