Great Photography is about RELATIONSHIP.  I am obsessed with bringing out the beauty, in each of my Senior clients.  I do that by trying to get to know them.  What drives them?  What makes them laugh?  What brings out their passions?  Well, it is important that my Seniors know me.  So, I figured I would write about my WHY.  WHY do I DO, what I DO?  Here are some of my reasons…

I thought I might die young.

I was diagnosed with cancer, at an early age.  It completely changed the way I look at life.  It was 2004.  I was scared to death.  I had only been married for 9 months.  I did NOT want to leave my wife alone, when we were just starting our journey together.  I actually diagnosed 10 years ago, this week.

After surgery, I was declared cancer-free.  Little did I know that a year and a half later, the cancer would return.  This time, I had to go through a brutal 6 month trudge through chemo.  By June of 2007, I was finally cancer-free for good!

Life is short and completely unpredictable.  While going through this ordeal, my gift for photography took on a completely new meaning.  I now have an absolute passion for capturing perfect moments and preserving family legacies.  I am not talking about images on a CD.  I am talking about full fledged works of art, printed on the finest materials to hang on your walls and pass down to generations.  I try and pass this message on to everyone I meet.  Do not wait until it is too late to have your Portraits created.

This is me, shooting at the most incredible venue- Red Rocks- in Denver.  Image by JB Brookman

This is me, shooting (Gary Clark Jr.) at the most incredible venue- Red Rocks- in Denver. Image by JB Brookman

I’m in love, with a girl.  

My wife Jen is my partner in crime.  She’s amazing.  That’s all I can say.  Incredible wife.  Stellar Mom.  Top of the line businesswoman.  She can do it all.  She is my biggest cheerleader.  She’s my best friend.  Sometimes, you will see her out on a session with me.  Jen has believed in my dream even when I had lost hope.  She has encouraged and pushed me and grounded me, through it all.

I had a miracle baby, last year.  

Through all of my cancer treatments, the doctors said I would never have kids.  So, when Jen and I found out we were pregnant on New Year’s Eve, it was quite the surprise.  Crosbie Joy is such a miracle!  She is a bright light in our lives and we are having SO much fun together!  She has already driven through almost half of the country with us and was a huge part of our move to Nashville!  She is such a great motivation for me.


My daughter, Crosbie Joy.  Image by JB Brookman

My daughter, Crosbie Joy. Image by JB Brookman

I started photographing celebrities.

Within the first year of my photography career I was shooting Los Angeles Lakers players on top of skyscrapers, in front of the stage for the biggest musical acts in Hollywood and shooting celebs, while leaving for the Emmy Awards.  I got thrown into the fire and I had to quickly develop my skill and style.  My goal was to master the camera and eventually play it like an instrument.  There is a saying that you master something, after putting 10,000 hours into it.  Well, I went after that with a fury!  I shot every concert and red carpet that I could get approved to.  I took road trips across the USA, to create images of the great places in this country.  I did portrait sessions, with whoever I could.  I stayed up all night, for 2 or 3 years straight to master Photoshop and post production.

Fast forward to today…  I have photographed bands all over the United States.  I’ve done photography in most states in the US and Scotland and Africa.  During this journey, what did I discover?  My true passion is photographing High School Seniors.  Do I love the other types of Photography?  Absolutely.  But my specialty and focus is Seniors.

I hope to meet you, somewhere along the journey!




Franklin & Spring Hill Senior Portrait Photographer

Also Serving Brentwood, Leiper’s Fork and the Nashville Areas


“My name is JB Brookman. I’m a rock star concert photographer who grew up shooting the biggest stars in the world. The stages and venues of Hollywood and LA used to be my home, but now I have made a home in the suburbs of Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee. Shooting Taylor Swift, U2, Elton John and Ed Sheeran is great, but my true passion is creating highly stylized, authentic and modern portraits of High School Seniors, making them feel like they are at the center of the stage.”

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