This Summer, our Studio introduced a new product!  It’s designed for our Nashville area Seniors to enjoy- but, we find that more and more the Moms (and Dads) are freaking out over them.

What’s a Senior Lookbook Magazine?:  It’s an actual printed Magazine- that Seniors can keep in their folders or backpacks and share with their friends.  They can even order multiple copies and have them ready to hand out at a Birthday Party or their amazing Grad Party in May.  Parents can order as many as they need to sent to Grandma and Grandpa or relatives and friends.  It’s also a great thing for Dad to keep at the office or Mom to keep in her purse to brag on their Son or Daughter at the next meeting, lunch or football game.

What’s Inside the Lookbooks?:  Our Senior Lookbook Magazines are custom designed by the Graphic Design company that we own- Jen Brookman Graphic Design.  They will be filled with your very FAVORITE Senior Pics!  The layouts are super eye catching and flattering and the colors will POP and really feature your favorite moments and photos.

Why Do Seniors Love Them?:  Seniors go through their Senior Picture Experience and usually see their Mom/Parents take home Wall Portraits and their Legacy Custom Senior Album.  Of course they absolutely love to have their digitals and totally flip out about our Custom Phone Apps- BUT, they really LOVE having something printed that they can actually flip through and put their hands on.  Instagram will get filled with their Senior Sunday pics, but they will have a hard copy to take to school and get all the hype and attention for their complete session!

Why Do Parents Love Them?:  Moms and Dads grew up in the Magazine generation!  Before Social Media and Facebook, they used to hit up record stores or drugstores and grab the latest print mags to find the latest trends in music, fashion and entertainment.  To see their child on the cover of an actual magazine is a badge of honor and true pride!  I man, CUMON!…  Mom and Dad have prayed and sweated and drove and drove their kids around for almost 18 years and deserve a celebration that is unrivaled!!  Our Studio is all about giving Parents the greatest printed artwork and gifts possible- gifts that help celebrate both now and in the coming years, when the kids are away at college and they are missing them like crazy!

Any More Details?:  We pride our Studio on being the most heartfelt and memorable Senior Picture experience in the Nashville/Franklin/Spring Hill area!  Adding Lookbooks to complement the rest of our product offerings is the most exciting thing we could do!  We want you to be jumping up and down when you see yours!

You can see and touch an array of our Lookbooks when you come to our Williamson County Studio for your no obligation Consultation.  We walk Moms through every detail of planning Senior Pictures- from styles and locations to hair and makeup (which we include) and any special detail that you desire.  You are going to have such an amazing experience!  -JB


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