A humerous moment, shared between father and son at the Santa Monica Pier.  Image by JB Brookman Photography

A humorous moment, shared between father and son at the Santa Monica Pier. Image by JB Brookman Photography

As I strolled across the wooden planks, at the Santa Monica Pier, I could not help but stop to enjoy the scene, unfolding before me.  A cloudy Saturday, before Christmas- was filled with family time…  a boy and his dad…

A young boy was looking through one of the pier telescopes- the ones that give you the view of the beach, in the distance.  They usually take quarters, in exchange for a few minutes of binocular-like viewing pleasure.  His loving father, stood by.

My instincts told me to stay still and observe.  Maybe it was the years of covering music concerts and creating portraits of people, that teach you to wait for the moment.  Sometimes, you have to blend into the background and let life play out.

As the father took his turn, looking across the beach through the long lens, the child took action.  Full of adventure and curiosity, he hopped up on the back of the telescope and peered through, from the other end.  I could hardly keep my camera still, as I contained my laughter.  People are truly wonderful…

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