Chuey is a beloved Chihuahua of one of our clients.  We did this session, in natural light, in a backyard in Torrance, CA.  Again, with pets the key is capturing and freezing the motion.  It is all about anticipating the moment of connection, between photographer and pet.  I love how the lil guy seems to have a tear in one of his eyes!:)  Such a sweet little pup!

Chuey the Chihuahua.  Photo:  JB Brookman Photography

Chuey the Chihuahua. Photo: JB Brookman Photography



Franklin & Spring Hill Senior Portrait Photographer

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“My name is JB Brookman. I’m a rock star concert photographer who grew up shooting the biggest stars in the world. The stages and venues of Hollywood and LA used to be my home, but now I have made a home in the suburbs of Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee. Shooting Taylor Swift, U2, Elton John and Ed Sheeran is great, but my true passion is creating highly stylized, authentic and modern portraits of High School Seniors, making them feel like they are at the center of the stage.”