This week I (JB) had a super big honor…

Franklin TN Seniority Senior Pictures by JB Brookman 99% Local Podcast

…to be featured on Nashville’s 99% Local Podcast!

I was able to be super passionate, as I told the story of our family and brand/studio.  From beating cancer twice to shooting in Hollywood and Beverly Hills and stories about celebrities and the dream behind SENIORITY…

It was truly fun to be able to communicate the WHY behind what we do for our Nashville High Schoolers and Families.  I can’t thank Chris at 99% Local Podcast enough for his time and kindness.

I’d also like to thank my wife, Jen Brookman… Without her, none of this crazy miraculous story exists… and of course the One we all do it for- Jesus:)

Enjoy the Podcast and be sure to comment on it!

Seniority Senior Pictures Nashville

Franklin Senior Pictures Football Player from Independence High School in his uniform holding a football

Nashville Senior Picture Sports of a Cheerleader with yellow smoke smiling

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