Christmas in Venice Beach...  Only 3 weeks to go!  Image by JB Brookman Photography

Christmas in Venice Beach… Only 3 weeks to go! Image by JB Brookman Photography

Our sister was in town, from Washington State- so, we were excited to make a rainy-day trip to the Santa Monica Pier and Venice Beach…

The weather ended up being gorgeous!  Beautiful grey clouds, filled the sky with diffused light and only light sprinkles flavored the day.  My wife, sister and I had a blast, on the Pier- before we headed down to Venice.

I had just finished the art for a Family Portrait Session, so, it was great to have a day of fun and rest.  I try to always bring my camera gear, wherever I go.  It is my passion to capture moments of emotion or scenes, which provoke people to feel.  Taking into account that it was the first week of December, I secretly hoped to find something having to do with Christmas.  (My wife and I are staying in SoCal, this year- after 6 or 7 straight years of traveling to Washington and Montana)  When we hit Venice Beach’s famous graffiti wall, this image jumped out…  A collision of art and nature, that could only occur, in this location.

I will try and share more photos from the day, later this week…  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! -JB



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