“Small Town Street Art” , by Photographic Artist JB Brookman.

“Small Town Street Art” , by Photographic Artist JB Brookman.

There is a unique little mountain town, not too far from the Donner Pass, in the wilderness of California called Truckee.  We stopped in this town for breakfast.  It was cold and there was some snow on the ground as we looked for a great meal.

We ended up having a magical breakfast at a quaint little diner called the Wagon Train Cafe.  The people there were so nice and they actually walked our egg and bacon sandwiches, out to our truck.  On the way out of town, this cool mural caught my eye.  I had to get out and capture it.  It was on the outside wall of a local Real Estate company.


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“My name is JB Brookman. I’m a rock star concert photographer who grew up shooting the biggest stars in the world. The stages and venues of Hollywood and LA used to be my home, but now I have made a home in the suburbs of Nashville and Franklin, Tennessee. Shooting Taylor Swift, U2, Elton John and Ed Sheeran is great, but my true passion is creating highly stylized, authentic and modern portraits of High School Seniors, making them feel like they are at the center of the stage.”

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