The last year has brought about massive change to my Senior Portrait Studio, which serves High School families in Franklin, Brentwood and Nashville TN.  Until this past year, we were predominantly a natural light photography studio.  But, I knew there was far more to provide to our Seniors…  Especially our athletes!


I’ve spent almost all of my spare time- between shoots- looking for ways to add value to Seniors and take things to the next level.  Some of my ideas came from seeing the latest in equipment at photography conferences like Imaging USA (at Opryland in Nashville last year) and Shutterfest (at Union Station in St Louis last year).  I’ve taken classes by some of the best in the business and spent countless hours perfecting post production and editing.  It took me months and months of work to come up with my concept.

I played Baseball in High School/College (with a very tiny, few-day drink of water in the Minors) and I know the feeling that athletes and their parents feel, when wanting to capture the glory days of playing ball.  They go by so quickly and are so powerful and life-changing.  Most sports photography is super boring and one dimensional.  There is a serious lack of creativity in it.  We want memories.  We want to remember.

So, late last year I developed Cutting Edge Sportraits.  They are created in our Williamson County Studio and can be shot in any type of weather and at any time of the day or night.  Middle Tennessee Seniors can have these as part of their Senior Portraits.  I can drop you in any type of surreal background and finish your image in any type of cutting edge style.  You will bring your full uniform in- as well as any type of gear (from footballs and baseball gloves to wristbands and pads).  We provide extras like eye black and hair styling.



So, at the end of last year, Sportraits blew up!  We got a huge number of bookings at the end in one big boom.  The only advice that I can give people this year is this… Book as soon as you can.  At some point, we are going to hit this year’s big rush and we want you to reserve your spot.  Either call JB at 3310.502.9877 or go to this link:  Sports Photography in Franklin, Brentwood & Nashville TN



Football Sportraits in Williamson County by JB Brookman Photography

Football Sportraits in Williamson County by JB Brookman Photography



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